About Us

As a mother of two little ones, nothing brings me more joy than sharing new places and experiences with my children.  On my first as a new mother in 2014,  I was determined to find something special and unique as a souvenir from my new little boy.  In my unsuccessful search, it occurred to me how few tasteful, well-made, educational, state-themed items are available for kids.  

In that moment on the plane ride home, while sitting with with my husband, mother, and baby all in the row, I started assigning states and the brainstorming began.   I've been producing these cards since 2014, and haven't stopped since.  My goal is to eventually make a set for all of our great states, it’s a process we are chipping away one state at our time.    

This concept is simple yet heartfelt, and the inspiration is something fierce!  With over 5,000 happy customers to date, your stories and photos bring me so much joy.
I hope our Bright Eyed Baby State Flash Card series will have a special spot in your child's suitcase or playroom!