I have loved travel, and "checking off my states" for as long as I can remember. As a new mother, we have already started that tradition with our son, and I cannot wait to watch his list grow!

Our country is so great, and from state to state, region to region the cultures vary drastically. Why not create something that can teach children all of the great vocabulary associated with each state. In turn this can inspire our kids to travel, and spark their curiosity about new places and cultures from an early age.

In August 2014, we ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign and were able to send our first three states into production thanks to our supportive and generous backers. We are working on more state-themed souvenirs, along with our wonderful illustrator, Vaclav Bicha, who is helping bring these images to life.

We hope our Bright Eyed Baby State Flash Card series will have a special spot in your child's suitcase or playroom!